Friday, April 29, 2005

Thank God It's Friday

It's Friday - the first one this blog has seen. And I'm taking the opportunity to set a policy. It's easy to say "Thank God it's Friday" and kiss another work week goodbye - and believe me I do, but it's also easy to forget to say thanks to the people that have helped all of us succeed in this business. So, every Friday I plan to take a minute to thank those who have really changed the course of my career and made me who I am today. You can ask them to apologize for what they've done if you meet them at a bar one night!

So, starting at the beginning thanks go to: Angelo Parra (my first public relations teacher); Fred Garcia (the public relations teacher I wanted to be); Robert Wood (the late former leader of Carl Byoir) for taking an interest in a kid who liked his book "Confessions of a PR Man" (a must read); recruiter Len Daniels for getting me my first job and telling me over lunch one day he thought I was full of myself; and Robert Wick for telling me I was a fraud and a failure (at the ripe old age of 21) and giving me the drive to be able to tell him one day that he was wrong.

Happy Friday everybody and thanks!