Friday, May 20, 2005

Thank god It's Friday - 3

Four weeks into this blog and it's time for another short Friday thank you note. I have been doing this chronologically to thank those who have helped my career. I realize now that's probably of zero interest to you, so today I'm going to deviate from that. Today's thanks go to Maria Russell of the Newhouse School and PRSA for her tireless efforts to promote professional development - if you haven't looked into her masters program at Newhouse you really should; Ed Bernays (who founded this damn profession and whose memory seems to be constantly spat upon by senior PR professionals who probably haven't read any of his books - if you haven't read them either please start with Your Future in Public Relations); Arthur Page for leaving a legacy so strong that his principle of always telling the truth remains today - if you're not a member of the Arthur Page society and qualify then join and if you are a member please find ways for your junior staff to learn from the Page Principles; and Paul Holmes for consistently honoring this profession - even though he stiffed us completely at this year's SABRE awards! Thanks.