Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Making it Ad Up!

You may have noticed there are now ads on this blog. Let me explain. Almost 20 years ago one of the great New York PR counselors - Bob Dorf - heard I was trying to run my own agency on campus at NYU. He reached into his jacket pocket and wrote me a check for $500 on the spot. We bought stationery and beer - at his suggestion. Google (which runs this blog) has given me an opportunity to start trying to repay what Bob did for me. Google will pay me for any click throughs to the PR-oriented ads you see on this page. I will take any fees paid to me by Google and donate them to the NY area Public Relations Student Society of America chapters. Maybe I can make a small difference. It's a start. So click away. And if you think it's a really bad idea let me know that, too. Thanks.