Monday, June 06, 2005

Communications Begins at Home

I come from a lower middle class background - hell, let's face it I grew up on the government's welfare system so you might say I know what it means to be poor. As a result, I have these memories of my mother telling me when I was a kid that charity begins at home. At the time I thought she was just cheap, but I came to realize that if we didn't address the needs of our own house first we wouldn't be able to help anyone down the road. She was right. The same lesson applies to communications. How many of us see our firms or our clients invest far more (in time AND money) on external communications than we do on internal communications. As my mom might say, communications begins at home. If we don't communicate within our own houses first we won't be able to communicate with anyone down the road. Someone showed me some interesting data from Towers Perrin recently. They found that employees trust what a company says to its shareholders and customers more than they trust the information the company shares with employees. If that's true and if that is how employees view your organization then you're in for a very bumpy ride. In an age where media is increasingly becoming disintermediated how your employees communicate news about your organization to friends, family, colleagues and customers and how you communicate with them is more important than ever. Hey, you never know one of them just might be blogging and someone might actually be reading it! See you on the information highway.