Friday, June 24, 2005

The Sounds of Silence

Hello folks! I've heard from some readers wondering why I haven't posted the last few weeks. Those who know me surely realize it couldn't have been that I ran out of things to say.

It was more of a personal silent protest against the PRSA's recent legal proceedings in the matter of the e-mail criticizing the job performance of Catherine Bolton. To be honest the whole affair has left me speechless. I did want to speak out on it, but since I'm not a lawyer I wondered if that might be too risky. Hey, if the PRSA wanted to sue me - well, there's nothing anonymous about this web site so I'm easy to find.

Alas, I settled for silence since the PRSA's actions seemed to me to be calling for just that. I have not seen the full text of the e-mail signed "Catherine Hater," and frankly I'd hope for something more profound in the nom de plum of someone acting as a whistle blower of sorts to an association's board. However, I fail to understand how concerns about the performance of a senior officer at an organization sent anonymously to board members could negatively impact governance, as PRSA has publicly stated as a cause for their concern. Isn't such "whistle blowing" and the response such a communication receives from a board a test of effective governance in the first place?

So, hello darkness my old friends... it's good to talk to you again. And remember sometimes the words of the prophets are in an e-mail, a blog or a face-to-face conversation - they're not always on the subway walls and we shouldn't be afraid to look for them. Words seldom hurt people, but lawsuits sure can.