Wednesday, October 12, 2005

What's with the name of this blog anyway?

Hi, I'm back after about a three month hiatus. Those that know me will likely think it's impossible that I ran out of things to say and I'm sure I didn't - I simply ran out of time. So it's back to the drawing board. A question I'd always thought I'd get about this blog but never did is "why is it called inperspective2020?" Surely a more fitting name might be "flack attack" or "confessions of a spinmeister", right? Wrong. This blog isn't about me. Rather it's about our profession - yes, there I said it, profession (and I don't need an academic to define for me what that means or any determination over whether we posses the requisite "body of knowledge"). When a CEO looks you in the eye and asks you "what should we do" then my friends you have all the proof you need that you are a member of a very real and very meaningful profession. But, what's that you say? You're CEO doesn't ask you what to do that much? Excuse me, did you say you report to an HR executive and have little access to the top? Sadly, you are not alone. We still have much to do to completely credentialize the profession of public relations - and while we're doing that let's shred the multiple choice APR exam - only other PR people care about that (and yes, I have an APR - and not from the multiple choice exam). So, that brings me to the name of this blog. The mission as stated in previous missives is to put our profession in perspective - warts and all. But why 2020? Well, in 1920 Ed Bernays (yes, THAT Ed Bernays) gave out the first business card saying "of public relations counsel." Now if you asked Bernays he might say that he not only gave birth to the idea of public relations, but the act of giving out the business card listing himself as public relations counsel was the first step in "professionalizing" public relations. What's more, if Ed was still with us he'd probably realize that the year 2020 would mark the centennial of our profession and that what we needed most today was a 2020 vision of where we were going as a profession and how we were going to emerge as trusted business advisers in time for our centennial. Alas, Ed isn't with us any longer. I hope to use these pages to help frame that 2020 vision and maybe along the way prove that we are a profession after all - and more so than the two other more seemly ones that charge by the hour (lawyers and whores). More to come soon - promise.